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Village Green® - made for high performance

Village Green® was developed specifically for sports fields and golf courses. Its dense cover, good winter activity and deep root system means it withstands and recovers quickly from the year-round impact of sports. Village Green® dense coverage – it’s more than 26% denser than common kikuyu – is its strength. Village Green® can also be cut short to create a smooth surface for summer sports and grow longer in winter to handle tougher playing conditions. The dense cover and extensive root system mean players’ boots only damage the turf surface without damaging the turf plant/roots, meaning ovals recover quickly. Divots on golf course fairways and tees, repair quickly. Fairways and tees require less fertiliser and chemical weed control.

Scientifically proven performer

Village Green was specifically selected to meet the needs of the commercial turf market.

  • Visually aesthetic public open space and playing fields.
  • Year-round high-performance playing fields and other sports turf areas.
  • Reduced environmental impact – less water, fertiliser and chemicals.
  • A highly adaptable turfgrass that can perform in varying soil types and climatic conditions.
  • A pure and genetically stable strain of kikuyu.
The Research

A series of selection trials were conducted in Australia comparing over 70 turf strains. The standout performer across all climates and conditions was Village Green. The testing involved taking measurements of growth rate, height, greenness, stolon thickness and root volume.

Trials were conducted from 2003 to 2008 in harsh conditions with temperatures ranging from 40oC to -3oC. There is no other kikuyu that has gone through such a market-driven and rigorous testing and selection program. Village Green has been developed according to scientific principles – principles you can trust.

Village Green is a superior kikuyu that is certified free from disease, weeds and pests and is genetically pure. It is ideal for public spaces, villas and sports grounds.

Project success even in winter

Village Green sod can be laid anytime of the year across the Mediterranean. Laying turf from late autumn to early spring saves water.


Village Green is a certified turfgrass having been granted a plant patent (Plant Variety Right) by the Community Plant Variety Office of Europe in 2015. This is a “gold medal” stamp of approval for a quality grass.

Grower Support

There are eight Village Green growers across southern Europe with more growers expected soon.  (see map on the supplier page). Each grower produces turf under a code of practice that ensures customers get quality turf every time. This is backed by our Certificate of Authenticity which is issued with every Village Green job.

Village Green originated from Australia where over 8 million square meters of turf has been sold. Although only new in Europe, Village Green is proving to be the turf of choice for many new projects.

Village Green Advantages

The table below compares key characteristics between Village Green and common kikuyu.

The Village Green Advantage

Compare Village Green advantages with Bermuda turf
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