Public Open Space

Village Green® the turf of choice for Public Open Space

Councils and developers need to create and maintain open spaces with sustainability and practicality in mind. The turf needs to present a year-round green cover under low water and nutrient conditions to ensure it handles increased traffic with minimal maintenance and expense. Village Green® has a massive root system and thick rhizomes that can extract nutrients and water from the soil very efficiently. It is estimated that Village Green® will maintain its colour and cover with 25% less water than other warm season grasses.

Make your public spaces stand out by choosing Village Green in your next project. Public open spaces attract more attention and deliver greater community benefits when they contain a well-kept green lawn area.

Studies have shown that lawns and parks provide areas of cool, clean and calm that are critical to improved health; they are oases that are somewhat freer of the stresses of daily life in an urban environment.

Village Green® lawn has been bred to meet the demands of high-profile public spaces. With the following features:

  • Soft and green all year round (Mediterranean climate)
  • Uses 40% less water than traditional turf varieties
  • Uses less fertiliser and doesn’t need chemicals for weed control.
  • Repairs its self when worn
  • Is seed free therefore no allergies or spread into garden beds.

Village Green sod can be laid anytime of the year across the Mediterranean. Laying turf from late autumn to early spring saves water.

Village Green is a certified turfgrass having been granted a plant patent (Plant Variety Right) by the Community Plant Variety Office of Europe in 2015. This is a “gold medal” stamp of approval for a quality grass.

There are 8 Village Green growers across southern Europe with more growers expected soon.  (see map on the supplier page). Each grower produces turf under a code of practice that ensures customers get quality turf every time. This is backed by our Certificate of Authenticity which is issued with every Village Green job.

Village Green originated from Australia where over 8 million square meters of turf has been sold. Although only new in Europe, Village Green is proving to be the choice of turf for public spaces.

For councils, constructors and landscape architects we have developed a guide to assist in specifying Village Green in your next project. We also have a maintenance guide to help keep it looking good all year round.  

Choosing the right lawn variety

As summers grow longer and hotter and rainfall declines, what has worked in the past does not necessarily work today. For decades, cool season grasses such as Ryegrass, Fescue and Poa have been preferred. They are adapted to mild summers and cool to cold winters where rainfall is plentiful. Under these conditions, they stay green year-round.

But under current climate patterns, cool season grasses do not perform.

Warm season grasses such as Village Green are well adapted to today’s warmer temperatures and lower rainfall, making them a more sustainable choice for modern lawns across southern Europe. 

To find out how to reduce water use by 40% and have a weed free lawn all year round.
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