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Some Advantages of choosing Village Green® for your Villa or Hotel lawn:
Green With Less Water
There’s only one group of people you won’t draw attention from if you plant Village Green® : your local Water supplier.
One of Village Green®’s great benefits is that it uses less water and nutrients than most other lawn varieties.
 Even in our increasingly drier climate, with ever-tougher water restrictions, Village Green® allows you to enjoy a green lawn or verge without feeling guilty about water usage.
Performance Without Peer
Village Green® is a proven performer across most soil types and climatic conditions except in the tropics, and thrives in full sun or partial shade.
It’s also ‘winter active’, meaning you can plant Village Green® in the colder, wetter months and save water.
The tight, dense coverage you will get with a Village Green® lawn will stop weeds from intruding and eliminate the need to use chemical sprays.
Great-Looking Lawn Always Draws A Crowd.
When your backyard looks like a village green, it’s no wonder people take notice.
Village Green® is a versatile new turf variety that has been rigorously tested under Australian conditions and registered in Europe under a copyright and regulation PBR.
Unlike other varieties of turf grass, Village Green® maintains its wonderful green color and dense coverage even in tough conditions.
Wear Without Tear
Another great benefit of Village Green® is its ability to withstand regular wear and tear.
 Village Green® might look pretty and have a soft touch, but this is a lawn with attitude!
 It’s tough enough to handle all kinds of activities like children playing football, parties and foot traffic.
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