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Europe’s turf of choice

Village Green was bred in Australia and has been tested and proven across villas, public open space and sports fields throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe;

  1. It’s the only approved kikuyu variety grown outside Australia and the only one certified by the European Union
  2. Over 12,000,000 square meters sold
  3. Grown and supplied by 25 of the world’s best turf growers.

Originally bred for sports fields and high wear public open spaces it has fast become popular for home gardens, resorts and hotels due to its great year-round deep green colour and persistence under drought and high wear.

The people behind the grass are professionals that know the science and production of quality turf. Combined they have over 70 years’ experience including:

  1. One of Australia’s leading turf consultant who advises local and state government on public spaces, sporting fields and arenas.
  2. One of the largest turf producers in Australia who currently grows over 40 hectares of Village Green per annum.
  3. An Italian based turf consultant who has tested and proven Village Green across southern Europe and is now coordinating Village Green in the European market.

Our growers are guided on quality by a producers’ code of practice to ensure you receive quality every time.  Each customer will receive a Certificate of Authenticity that proves its purity, origin and quality. No other grass offers this assurance.  

With these credentials Village Green has proven to be a high quality, high performance turf for the Mediterranean region of the world.

For your next project be sure to choose Village Green.

Why choose Village Green turf?

Village Green is a medium/fine textured, soft grass with a deep green colour. has a dense cover that smothers weeds (removing the need for herbicides). It requires less water and fertiliser than other warm season turf varieties, does not have unsightly seed heads, and is pollen-free. There are other warm season grasses on the market, but none can match the combination of looks, texture, toughness and sustainability of Village Green.
Strong root system
  • Less fertiliser and water needed.
  • Recovers quickly from water stress.
  • Safe surface to play on.
  • Has double the root volume of other turf varieties.
Superior density
  • Handles wear and recovers quickly.
  • Maintains good winter colour.
  • Smothers weeds.
  • Perfect for all uses.
Superior winter growth
  • Can be planted any time of the year in the Mediterranean region (see suppliers).
  • Maintains a deep green colour during winter.
  • Prefers full sun and is moderately shade tolerant.
  • Can cope with dappled light under trees however needs four or more hours of sunlight per day.
Superior appearance
  • A soft, medium textured and vibrant emerald green leaf.
  • A fine textured lawn when mowed low and regularly.
800+ ha
Turf laid
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